Eros and Thanatos: Teeming Darkness 4


Eros and Thanatos : Teeming Darkness 4

wall art, un-framed

Size: 30 H x 23 W

Subjects: Abstract
Styles: Abstract, Minimalism, Modern
Mediums: mixed media
Materials:  charcoal, gesso and pastel on paper


The artwork in the Eros and Thanatos series is elemental, like the first handprintson the cave walls. The images are beautiful: oval, floral, undersea, vulvar: evocative of birth, life, pleasure.

The artwork is a consideration of beauty while still acknowledging vulnerability,  pain and brokenness.  Death will always arrive for each and every one of us.  It is the subtext of all that we do and the source of the rapturous awareness of the divine, the immanent, the beautiful.

Beginning with instinct and sensory data, ending in nothingness, with beauty and pain in between…