Ophelia 3


Ophelia 3

wall art, framed

Size: 32 H x 28 W

Subjects: Narrative
Styles: Abstract,  Modern
Mediums: mixed media drawing
Materials:  Graphite, gesso, collage on handmade paper


Each mixed media drawing in this series was part of an installation and performance.  You can see a video of the performance here: https://youtu.be/aYyo7h–T5w

The Ophelia Project is a story.

It is a mysterious story,

perhaps a sad story,

and the end of the story may not be clear.

It could be any woman’s story.

The Ophelia Project is about discovering and understanding female power, shame, and authenticity in a male-dominated world. It is about the compromises and conformities women commit in order to stay alive, advance their lives, and do what they need to do as women.

The Ophelia Project was a performance piece and an interactive installation. It is comprised of ten elaborate drawings with mixed media on handmade paper, video, sound, as well as evocative and tactile objects. https://youtu.be/aYyo7h–T5w