See these artworks…and more, from the Chromatic Series now showing on the new and continually improving website!

Susan Hensel Projects: “I am trying out some of the new capabilities I have on the new and improved  Susan Hensel website.  Please help me out by poking around and reporting to me, via the attached form below or this contact form link. “

I’m teaching an old dog new tricks!

My web development team (Thank you J, Alex, Andrew) just set up the first gallery and commerce page on Susan Hensel Projects this week.  It is far from final: many artworks are left to add; many layouts and traffic decisions are left to be made.  And, of course, there are typos and user error things on my end as I learn the lingo for this WordPress workspace.  There is so much it can do…most of which I do not understand yet. But today, I made a carousel of images below.  It involves inserting a mysterious thing called [shortcode] to perform the magic!  You can even click on these carouseling images to see them full screen. Cool!  And you can share them with Pinterest from there. Cool! And I inserted links to a purchase/details page and a contact form.

Not bad for a 70-year-old!

I wonder who said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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