What do Jazz & Machine Embroidery Have in Common? | Digital Embroidery

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What do jazz and digital embroidery have in common? Part of the answer is in this small interview I did on Jazz88 FM. https://www.jazz88.fm/2020/04/20/artist-susan-hensel/ Radio host Emily Reese has been interviewing artists during the “time of COVID” to see what and how they are doing! What I am doing is this: updating my website, writing blog posts, and, yes, plodding forward finishing some larger pieces, and testing out ideas. I talked about the business side of art. I also spoke about how I work improvisationally at the embroidery machines and how I got started in machine embroidery. […]

The Chromatic Series is LIVE! | How about a little help? |Susan Hensel Projects

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See these artworks…and more, from the Chromatic Series now showing on the new and continually improving website susanhenselprojects.com! Susan Hensel Projects: “I am trying out some of the new capabilities I have on the new and improved  Susan Hensel website.  Please help me out by poking around and reporting to me, via the attached form below or this contact form link. ” I’m teaching an old dog new tricks! […]

Changing Contexts – What do you see here? Susan Hensel Art

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  As the sequestration of the unique and difficult coronavirus 19 grinds on, things come to mind. I mentioned in the last post, just as it looks like everything is on hold in the art world, a couple of artworks are finding temporary homes. One is shipping to Mark Arts in Wichita, KS for a show on abstract art. Titled as “Solar Flare 1”, this art is just made to put a smile on your face. It is a riot of colors and techniques in this piece! Digital embroidery artwork is intricate and beautiful. […]

Studio In the Time of ???| Embroidery Art | Susan Hensel Projects

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Studio time is LIFE. It is connectional, unrelenting, seeks order out of chaos and, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it stacks up against the unexpected and unpredictable future.  Art IS long and demands to be made and put out in the universe.  But meanwhile, galleries, art fairs, and museums are closed down.  How many will re-open when it is safe to gather again?  The online marketplaces try to keep up, bringing in a trickle of income. What is it like for artists in the COVID-19 quarantine? […]

Choice Point! | Susan Hensel Projects

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Big things or little things, we are all presented with choices throughout our time here on earth.  We may think we control everything, but we don’t.  Sometimes, no matter what, things just get out of control and choices about how we respond to new events are all we really have to work with! (Thanks, Vicktor Frankl for that insight!) Read on about fiber art by Susan Hensel. ​ […]

Starting Fresh in 2020 | Susan Hensel Projects


I have decided that it is time to start FRESH and consolidate my thought processes and lay them here, in the new location for my art blog. This is one of the places where you can find out about exhibitions, fits and starts in the studio, life changes! View fiber art and geometric art by Susan Hensel.  ​ I suspect, given the technology I use, that some think I know what my outcomes will be as soon as I press the button on the embroidery machine! Nothing could be further from the truth! […]