Big things or little things, we are all presented with choices throughout our time here on earth.  We may think we control everything, but we don’t.  Sometimes, no matter what, things just get out of control and choices about how we respond to new events are all we really have to work with! (Thanks, Vicktor Frankl for that insight!) Read on about fiber art by Susan Hensel.

Fiber Art by Susan Hensel

That was the case with this piece!  This piece, which won an AWARD last night at the Benedictine Center, started as a mistake! I was stitching something else when I ran out of thread and the color was back ordered for weeks!  So, I had what could be, at the very least, a large swath of “wasted material.”  No biggy.  It’s just felt and thread. But it also was hours and hours of time on the machine.  So, I hung on to it.  I actually HUNG it on the studio wall to think about it.  Was there a way to use it?

A week or so later, I noticed the smaller pyramidal shape that I had temporarily put in another composition.  It too was a piece where random occurrences had interrupted the flow.  I saw their relationship and had the epiphany that led to: CHOICE POINT (SAUL)!

Why that title?  Even before that call for art came out from the Benedictine Center, that intense visual tension where the points nearly touch struck me as a “conversion” moment.  I immediately thought of the Biblical story of Saul, who was struck blind and instructed, by God,  to go to the home of an enemy and wait: to be healed? to be killed?  He did as told, although he could have chosen otherwise. Ultimately he changed and became the apostle Paul, rather than languish as “wasted material.”

​Big choices. Little choices. I guess that’s life!

Choice Point (Saul) Sculpture by Susan Hensel

This wall piece overwhelms with color, inviting the viewer into the egoless zone of pure sensation! It is a sculpture made textiles with light bending thread.