I have decided that it is time to start FRESH and consolidate my thought processes and lay them here, in the new location for my art blog. This is one of the places where you can find out about exhibitions, fits and starts in the studio, life changes! View fiber art and geometric art by Susan Hensel. 

I suspect, given the technology I use, that some think I know what my outcomes will be as soon as I press the button on the embroidery machine! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Digital Embroidery and Geometric Art by Susan Hensel

Yes, I develop designs in a computer program that is highly technical and fiddly, for sure. Yes, I output them to an automated embroidery machine. But then…things happen. Case in point is TREASURE. When I started, I was simply experimenting to see what kind and what size three-dimensional objects I could make. I was also working on placement issues in the smaller embroidery machine. To do this basic form, I had to re-hoop and match up edges to upsize! Truthfully, this project was part of my impetus to investigate getting a larger, commercial machine. I was also experimenting with a new software feature that allowed me to contour the fills to match the form. It wasn’t exactly smooth going. I thought I would make a table sculpture that played with scale. It needed a boundary of some sort. A smart friend texted me about this giant mirror on sale at a nursery. I added wax color to the rim and piled the forms up. It was just OK. Several months later, doing something else, I saw a form developing in the machine that screamed, “Take this form and make rubies to add to TREASURE.” ​ So I did that and it finally came into its own as a completed sculpture.