New opportunities are starting to bear fruit.

Throughout the pandemic, the cultural unrest and economic downturn, it has been hard to believe that the hard work of the studio will be worth the effort. Truthfully I have slogged through the work of finishing things, photographing things,  boxing up things, adding data to my website.  Slogged. It has been hard to feel creative or excited in the midst of such huge changes.

But I truly believe that art is more important now than ever. It has the potential to heal, to take people out of their daily troubles, even if only for a moment.  It can be a transcendent experience of peace. So I continued to work and send images out.

Honestly, I had forgotten that I had sent a small check and some images to this new magazine of art THOUGHT ART MAGAZINE.  I was surprised and honored to learn that I was chosen to be the first artist of the month.  The online exhibition continues through July 15.

Thought Art Magazine is devoted to images.  It is the brainchild of artist and curator Ginger Cochran.  Ginger serves as gallery director/curator for Armadillo Art Gallery in Denton TX. She has a passion for the emerging artists’ sense of community and strives to create opportunities for all artists to network and build working relationships with other artists, clients, industry leads, and persons of influence for their careers.