Friendship and practical advice. My friend, Martha Bird, is a maker of traditional and sculptural basketry.

She is a wonderful neighbor and friend I love going to for friendship and practical advice. We support each other on many levels. We bond over art, poodles and the power of art to support and help us heal from pains of being human. She came to this game of art later than I did (I think I was born making art) and it has been awe-inspiring to see her soar. You really should spend time on her new website. Wonderful images await you there.

Which leads me to this:

Free Resources For Artists

I was so surprised and, yes, honored. Martha recommended my free resources for artists. One of the ones she recommended was Productivity in the Studio, to an artist support group at Avivo, a full-service agency that deals with many aspects of many kinds of recovery. The group will be studying my little pdf!

You can also do this too, on your own or, better yet, in a group.

It is FREE for any and everyone. And watch the blog.  I will continue to muse on matters large and small about this business of art and life. Productivity in the Studio.

About Susan Hensel

Susan Hensel received her BFA from the University of Michigan in 1972 with a double major in painting and sculpture and a concentration in ceramics. With a history, to date, of over 200 exhibitions, more than 30 of them solo, twenty garnering awards. Hensel’s desire to communicate ideas through art continues to be a powerful motivator.

Hensel’s artwork is known and collected nationwide, represented in collecting libraries and museums. Many of which include the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Getty Research Institute. There are major holdings at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, University of Washington, Baylor University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Archives pertaining to her artist’s books are available for study at the University of Washington Libraries in Seattle. Additionally, Hensel has multiple grants and residencies.

Hensel’s curatorial work also began in 2000 in East Lansing, Michigan with the Art Apartment and deepened with ownership of the Susan Hensel Gallery. Hensel has also curated over seventy exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists from all over the United States and Canada.